Reciprocity For Land - that we give and receive in equal measure. As human beings, we are designed to cooperate harmoniously with nature.  Sacred reciprocity for land can be tended to as a circular flow. Human-environment connections are not just co-existing, but are intimately interdependent through a two-way flow of benefits and mutual responsibilities.

With Val Des Monts, we are committed to give back to the environment from which we take. We work with ranches that use Carbon Farming Practices, and raise grass-fed, fiber-producing animals that graze on land where these practices are implemented.

The wool we use is sourced from Northern California and Oregon and is Climate Beneficial recognized by Fiber Shed.

Reciprocity For The People - Reciprocity is an ethical principle that guides most Indigenous life and is the basis for relationships in many Indigenous communities.
For every purchase made, 2% is pledged to Indigenous Organizations that support Food Sovereignty.

Indigenous Land Acknowledgement